Reset Yourself For 2021

As we leave 2020 behind with a sigh, I see so many ‘New Year, New Me’ posts. But this is not a concept I agree with. I believe that we are amazing as we are, faults included. Making changes doesn’t mean making a new ‘us’, we are just improving ourselves. Life is about growth after all. Our hair grows, our nails, our bodies… why not our minds and capabilities?

I do, however, like to clear the decks for a New Year. To everyone, this will mean something different, but to me it means resetting my physical space, my virtual space, and my mindset.

Over the next few days, I will post about exactly how I do this, what I do, and what you can do to implement this in your own life. I use an acronym for this of my own invention, and I call it AmpedUp Organisation! The principles apply to every aspect of organising, whether it’s your home, your virtual space, or whatever else you’re organising.


Look at each of the spaces in your home. What is working well, and what is not working so well? Are the things in this space in the most relevant, helpful, appropriate location that they can be in? How can you improve this space to make it more organised, more user-friendly, more accessible, less cluttered.


Consider using a method to help you get started. I’ll share a few ideas of these in a later post, but popular ideas include the Marie Kondo method, Clutterbugging, and the 21 Item Purge.


If you’re anything like me, you have a busy enough life. Heck, between running my business, looking after other businesses, keeping house, being a mum, and all the other trappings of adult life, I barely have time to wash my hair more than once a week. It is therefore essential to make a plan, not just of what you’ll do and when, but making the time around other commitments. If getting your house organised is important to you, look at your calendar and see if you can move things around to free up a block of time for the decluttering. It could be anything from a few hours to a full day, or even an entire week. Then, breaking the bigger plan down into small tasks, you can ‘book in’ decluttering time.


Get rid of as much as you can, as quickly as you can. Purge your home of everything that you don’t need, don’t use, don’t want, can’t use etc. Sort it into piles – Trash, Donate, Gift/Regift, Keep. Then, bag up the trash and the donate, and giftables and get it GONE. Take it to the tip, to a local charity, gift the giftable items to family and friends (or keep them for their next birthday, christmas etc.). Make space!


When you’re eradicating and pulling everything out, clean all the spaces. And I don’t just mean a wipe down. Deep clean everything. Get right in there and make it sparkle. Deep cleans probably only need to be done quarterly after this, if the areas are maintained regularly.


While all the spaces are clean and empty, before you put anything back, create a system that works for you and the people using it. Spaces should be easy to keep tidy, and should allow easy access to all your items. There are different types of organiser, and each will find that they prefer subtle differences. If you will not be using the space (for example, in a child’s room or a partner’s office space), ask them what they prefer or encourage them to be a part of the decluttering process.


Now your spaces are all ready to receive, put everything back. You might not end up putting everything back in the same place, and some things may be better off in other parts of the home. When putting something away consider the 3 A’s – Available (is that space used by something else, and will you therefore end up having to find a new home later?), Accessible (is it easy to get the item when you need it, relative to how often you use it?), Appropriate (of all the spaces in your home, is this the best one for this item? Is it near to where you will use it?.

Get Started Today!!

If you want to get started with your decluttering journey, grab a carrier bag, and challenge yourself to fill it with 21 items that you want to discard. This can be expired food, rubbish, empty toiletries, old make-up, holey socks, broken items… basically anything that no longer deserves a space in your home.

Come back tomorrow for the next instalment of my 2021 reset!

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