Day One: Clean Out Your Inbox #fiveweeksfabulous

Welcome to Day One of the Five Weeks of Fabulous Challenge with Ward On The Street! Today marks the first of 35 days where I will set one challenge each day to help you live a better, clearer, more fabulous day to day life. We will cover a range of topics from home maintenance, to self care, admin to adulting.

Today’s challenge is to:

Clean out your inbox.


Too often we keep emails in our inbox ‘just in case’. Nowadays, almost everything is stored on a database, so the emails are surplus to requirements. Some things are important, but about 98% of the emails I receive are just junk, receipts and spammy mailing lists.


Bulk delete anything over three months old, unless you know for a fact there’s something important in there, such as payslips. I use Gmail, so I was able to search for my payslips and other important information, and move them to a folder entitled “Stuff to Keep”. My car insurance policy information is in there, as is my home insurance policy, and a few other logins for things I have bought in the past. There may be some sentimental items in there, and that’s OK – you can save those too. But you don’t need 30,000 items in your inbox. Trash them. Clear it up. Anything you delete is retrievable one way or another. I guarantee you won’t go back to these emails once they are gone – I know I won’t.

My Story

I have 8 active email accounts, and I use four of them on a daily basis. I went through each one, saved the most important things from the last three months to a new folder, and then chose to “Select All” before hitting the trash. Wow. It’s only 3 months since I last did this, and I just deleted another 10,000 emails. That is how much information is thrown at me in 3 months. It’s too much, it’s overwhelming, and now it’s gone forever. I feel deeply relieved, if I am honest. For me, this challenge is all about starting afresh. A fresh start can only come from a blank slate!

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