This Facebook Page Lets You Send Gifts to Strangers and it is ADORABLE!

The world is a depressing place at the moment, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on almost every inch of the world. It’s truly terrifying. Countries all over the world are locked down, China is allegedly experiencing what could be the start of a second wave, and the fear is real. My own household has been impacted in ways I never even thought possible and the depression and anxiety has been hitting hard.

People who know me, know I am a hugger, not a handshaker. I like to be all up in my friends’ faces, stroking baby bumps, hugging them, having them round for coffee. I love my friends and they are the family I grew for myself. I miss them all intensely. To name just a small handful of humans, Alada, Emma, Anna, Mel, Caz, Cara, Kara, Rachel, Momma Rose… you girls are MISSED.

I’m doing what I can to get through the days, and that’s when I discovered a little gem that EVERYONE needs to participate in!

A lovely friend of mine over on Facebook, Beth Parnham (Hi Beth!!) added me to this delicious little group the other day, where people share their Amazon wishlists. That’s it. You make a list, share it, and then send and receive gifts with other members.

It’s a beautiful and yet simple concept. Most people just buy each other little bits and bobs, but it is an absolutely wonderful feeling knowing someone out there is going to get a surprise on their doorstep. So far, I’ve bought 14 gifts for 10 people coming to a total of £70, an average of £5 a pop!

I’ve also been lucky enough to receive some bits and pieces too! So far I’ve been sent a purse, a mug and a face mask – and Jack has been sent four Usborne Beginners books that he chose, two lovely bee stickers (he is obsessed with bees!!) and a book about autism so I can start to discuss his diagnosis with him!

Considering I didn’t expect a thing, I am absolutely DELIGHTED at the gifts we have received so far. Judging by my list, there are one or two bits still on their way and I can’t wait for the post to come in the week ahead.

It’s a perfect way to spread joy to others at this challenging time. What I love more, is that I have connected with several members and have gotten to know them, and I feel my ‘pandemic gifting buddies’ are potential friends for life. The conversations and connections are just amazing.

It’s incredibly addictive though, and it could get expensive if you let it. Always gift responsibly and don’t do it if you can’t afford to. But if you can make someone’s day, this is just a wonderful way to do it.

Join the group here, gift my family here, or make a donation to help us keep the lights on.

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