Envisioning the Future when you Can’t Imagine A Future

Three weeks ago, Coronavirus advice was ‘cough into your elbow, wash your hands and don’t touch your face’. Here we are now, and the advice is very different. We are told we must stay at home, only leave our fortresses for essential groceries and medical needs, exercise once per day, and work where it is absolutely necessary and cannot be done at home.

With so much change, it can be difficult to imagine the future and what a future will look like after Coronavirus. There are numerous sources speculating on how long things will last. Children have been told they may not go back to school this academic year. Lockdown has been placed on us for three weeks but sources claim it could last three months or longer. Financial provisions have been put in place for the self employed, for employers and their employees, and for those on benefits, for ‘at least three months’ according to gov.uk.

Back in February when we were struggling with our situation, I drew a manifestation image to attract positivity from the universe, because I was bang out of options. I drew myself, Bryan and Jack, each smiling. I drew my screws in my other hip, and left my left hip blank. I drew love and money showering down from above. And I drew a picture of Jack’s future school being visible in the distance.

Within a few weeks, I had a date for my surgery, a stranger gave me some money to pay towards my mobility scooter, financially we were pretty comfortable, and Jack’s EHCP went to panel where they (after a firm telling) decided that a special school was the right environment for Jack.

Everything changed two weeks ago though. We were placed in lockdown. The future we were heading towards was cancelled, in fact EVERYTHING was cancelled, and so I was very worried about the possibilities that lay ahead. ANOTHER four months of having Jack out of education? What will happen with his EHCP? My surgery was cancelled (originally scheduled for April 2nd) because there would be no ward or aftercare available to me due to the requisitions in place for the Coronavirus pandemic.

Scary though it all felt, I had a sudden realisation. Now more than ever is the perfect time to manifest! Right now, anything is possible, anything could change! We can emerge from this situation the same selfish people we were before, each taking everything we have for granted. Or, maybe instead, we can emerge stronger, braver, more thankful, and better prepared to be the best people we can be! And so, I drew my image.

I am not known for my art, but as you can see, I have drawn me, Bryan and Jack, being rained upon by cash and love. Our home stands beside us, tidy, clean, repaired, recharged, happy, healthy, organised and relaxing. I have completed 5 diplomas, I have written the book I have been working on, and Jack’s new school is right there, on the horizon and not far away at all. I have also marked on my dress where my screws and scar will be, because this picture is my vision of six months from now, and I hope to have received my surgery by then.

I know this might be a bit ‘woo woo’ for many of you reading, but having this drawn up and in front of my inspires me. I drew it to motivate, manifest, attract and inspire positive changes to my life. Maybe you could draw one too? Anything goes. You might just want to get the future you had planned back on track, or you may have discovered life is too short to waste on something you don’t want… your dreams may have changed completely!

I always feel so much more motivated waking and seeing my latest manifestation poster. Share yours with me at stephaniewardofficial@gmail.com.

Help is keep the lights on during the pandemic by donating to www.paypal.me/wardotstreet, Half of all donations go towards random acts of kindness to the vulnerable people struggling through the pandemic.

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