#planfor2020withWOTS Day 4: Get a Planner

Since I’ve been an adult, I’ve loved having a paper diary to track my appointments and notes. My first proper diary was a Filofax and, while I still hold a special place in my heart for that Filofax, I have since outgrown its limited capabilities.

In a Planner, I need quite a few things to make it feel complete. I like to track my habits, have a section for notes, a section for lists, goal setting, and a normal functional diary, broken down into 30 minute segments each day.

I also want a planner that will help me to tap into my sorceress PowerType. I am having coaching from the wonderful Anna Knight. We have worked through the five female power types and my weakest is my sorceress, the one who brings magic and connects me to the universe. And so I want a Planner that will nurture my inner sorceress.

It sounds like I am asking for a lot and I know this, but I have finally found the ultimate Planner for me in the Freedom Mastery Law of Attraction Planner.

This is the third FMLOA Planner I have had but WOW I never stop falling in love with it!

It comes in a lovely presentation box!!!
It comes in a range of colours….I chose purple this time as it is my spirit colour, the colour of the angels, and the colour for fibromyalgia awareness.
And it comes with some amazing stickers!!!! #nerdalert!

There are planners to suit all lifestyles, and businesses, and even family planners! I choose this because, unlike all the other things in my life, this Planner is ALL ABOUT ME.

The first 20 pages or so, are all about planning, goal setting, and coming up with your life’s plans! I love it! it’s like a little workbook to prep you for 2020.

If anyone is interested on getting the Freedom Mastery Planner, I have a discount code for the first five people to message me via Ward On The Street Facebook page!

Tune in each day at 7pm to watch my livestream in the Ward On The Street Facebook page.

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