#planfor2020withWOTS Day 3: Get Your Finances in Order

As someone who has never been amazing with money, I have in the past wound up in debt to the tune of a not-so-insignificant £8000! Not once, but twice!

We are never really taught how to manage money, and what the consequences are when we fail to manage our money.

Earlier this month I decided something has to change. We are one failed pay check away from a really big problem, and I know this will resonate with a few of you guys. The reality is, most of us live paycheck to paycheck…. and I didn’t realise how bad this had gotten for us.

So I decided to do a small financial detox and cancel all the things that were costing me just a little bit more than they should.

I use an app called Revolut to track my money, and it tracks it by category and also by merchant. I was absolutely shocked at some of the money I was wasting.

Here are some of the things I was spending our funds on:

– Amazon Prime TV – Starzplay Subscription £4.99 a month

– Sky TV, phone and broadband package – £94.50 a month

– PlayStation Network for Jack – £6.99 a month

– HP Instant Ink – £7.99 a month

– Website package – £19.20 a month

– TheSimsResource – £4 a month

– Netflix – £11.99 a month

– Takeaway food – £200 a month on average

– Micro transactions on the iPad – £150 a month on average

Disgusting really isn’t it. I’m embarrassed I let it Get this bad. It’s just little things here and there that add up quickly. I got starzplay on a free trial and forgot to cancel, so that had to go. Sky… well I use the phone and broadband but the TV wasn’t even connected up! So I reduced that by £60 a month! PSN never gets used, and neither did TSR. We had two Netflix subscriptions from when Bryan lived alone and we just never cancelled them. My website package wasn’t serving me any more than a cheaper package, so that got reduced down, and my instant ink subscription was just more than I currently need and use.

By cancelling and downgrading all of these items, I saved a whopping £1340 a year.

If I cap takeaway food to one meal a month, and I cap Jack’s micro transactions at £25 a month, we can save a total of £4400 a year! I am in awe. Even just those things right there is enough to get us two holidays abroad in 2020 if we stick to it (although we won’t be going abroad this year because of my hip surgery in the spring…).

I thought I was frugal, especially since I halved my car insurance renewal and I always shop around for insurances and things… but apparently I was seriously lacking in other ways.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that we waste a lot of food. Lately I’ve been batch cooking, but I’ve also taken to ordering Gousto boxes where the portions are measured out for you….and it completely reduces waste. My only criticism is that it is a little plastic heavy, but I am assured that they are working on this as a company and minimise it where they can. By cooking up my meals and freezing portions, we waste less, but I’m also less likely to resort to convenience food.

I’ve posted links and a brief description of some of my favourite places to save money so we can help each other out!


1) Gousto

Recipe boxes with pre-prepared portions so literally NO FOOD is wasted. They are easy, affordable, and you get to keep the recipes! I also got a free wooden spoon and a recipe binder in me first 2 boxes.


2) Revolut

Revolut is an app that does a number of things. It offers excellent exchange rates on holiday money, but it’s also a prepaid MasterCard! So we transfer our joint funds to the Revolut card and it means that both Bryan and I have a card in case we need to buy things for the household, and we can see where and when every single penny is spent, as it tracks by category and by merchant.

One thing I love though, is the security. Misplaced your card? One tap and you can freeze it. One tap and it’s unfrozen when you find it in the washing machine, or the toy box.

Sign up with my link and get a free Revolut card. https://revolut.com/referral/stepharw10

3) MyVitamins

Amazing supplements and they often have some wonderful offers! On Black Friday I got 6 months of my multivitamin, 3 months of my weight loss support pills, and a glossybox for £25!


4) Gas and Electric

I am currently with Boost Energy. I LOVE their Winter Wallet service. This year we saved a huge £250 towards our winter energy which was credited on November 1st, and it made a huge difference to our winter energy costs. I think it covered 6 weeks!

Use my link and we BOTH get a £50 gift card from a choice of different companies including Love2Shop!



For more money saving tips, look up Nikki Ramskill, the Female Money Doctor. She is full of tips and advice and I love her group on Facebook. Tell her I sent you.

So my loves, for your homework today, I want to know 5 things you can change TODAY that will save you money. You can’t sell your children or husband. We all have something! I’ll be chatting to you about it in tonight’s video.

See you at 7pm ish!

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