#planfor2020withWOTS Day 2: Get Your House in Order

Thank you to everyone who has been watching my videos! Your support means the world, and if I only inspire one person to make a change, I will keep doing this for that one person.

Today I spoke to you all about getting your house in order. For me, I am a massive slob and housework just makes me want to cry.

I decided to make a change when I was sorting some books and I came across the Life Changing Magic of Tidying. I wanted to read it but instead downloaded the audiobook because, why not?! I learn better by listening.

A lot of what she said really resonated with me, I wanted to be surrounded by things that make me happy.

This wasn’t the first time I’d tried a method that claims to fix everything. Earlier this year I dabbled in the Organised Mum Method, and even read into this Hinching business. For me, the organised mum thing just wasn’t going to happen. I am always one bad day away from a fibromyalgia flare, and a program that requires me to do a certain list of chores every day would never work for me. And my house isn’t unclean, so I don’t need to Hinch. It’s just overcrowded.

Still, I’ve combined a few elements I liked to ensure KonMari worked the best for me. The KonMari Method is basically sorting your clutter by category, and whether the items spark joy when you touch them.

I started with my clothes. The technique is that you pull everything out and hold each item. If it sparks joy, keep it, if it doesn’t, then thank it and discard it. I felt a bit mad thanking my clothes but it made a huge load feel like it was lifted from my shoulders when I tackled my clothes.

You need to read the book, but you basically do this with your clothes, then your books, then your paperwork, then your miscellaneous items, then your sentimental items, in that order. You need to do it BY THE BOOK though and you need to be really committed.

It’s also worth mentioning that you need to have the whole family on board. But I found that, by showing what a difference it made sorting my stuff out, Bryan got on board anyway.

I’ve almost finished doing the KonMari on my entire house and I am overwhelmed by how much better I feel loooking at it! My confidence is soaring, I am able to tackle my to do list, and I don’t feel compelled to shop online when I am stressed! And the house looks so nice that I actually want to keep it looking nice!

If you want to feel the magic, just start with your clothes. Once you’ve sorted them, I’ll tell you how to fold them….there’s a specific method to ensure you get the most from your clothes and can see them all upon opening your cupboard or drawers. It’s just the best feeling.

Start with your clothes and I’ll see you at 7pm on Facebook tomorrow evening (22nd December) to tell you how I plan to save over £4000 in 2020!

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