#planfor2020withWOTS Day 1: Reviewing the Successes of 2019

I’ve seen a lot of posts about me in 2010 vs me now as we go into 2020…. and it’s got me thinking.

I hate all that New Year New Me crap. I don’t buy into it. You can have a fresh start any day if you want it. But we are coming to the end of a year AND a decade, and so I decided I wanted to have the best start.

I turn 30 in 2020 and so I want to have my shit in order, frankly.

I started my transformational mindset reset by reading, studying, and watching what others do, and combining all those methods into one nice big reset.

The first thing I wanted to do is review my successes of 2019. why? Because even a tiny win trumps a huge loss. For some people a win is buying a house. For some it’s the fact they are still here despite battling mental and physical health issues.

Celebrating the wins gives you something to hold onto when times are hard, and it reminds you that actually, you’re doing alright.

My wins for this year were:

– losing weight – 22.5lbs to be exact

– getting my kitchen refurbished after the massive drama it caused at the end of last year

– starting ANDPS

– making new friends in Anna, Mel, Dorothy and Holly

– reconnecting with my old friend, Caz

– strengthening my friendships with Emma and Alada and Kara

– not losing my mobility

– becoming a Barnardo’s volunteer

And so with this post, let’s begin the transformative 12 day countdown to the New Year. I will be going live every day until December 31st in my Facebook page “Ward on the Street” so follow us there for more information on when the live videos will be.

Tonight’s video will be at 6pm GMT and we talk about getting your house in order!

Your homework, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with 5 wins from 2019 and three goals for 2020. Write them down – you’ll need them on Sunday!

Tune in tonight for the next episode!

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