And Just Like That, It All Falls Into Place…

I’ve been trying for ages to get my shit together because frankly, I needed to get my shit together. I’ve been slacking. I’ve been failing.

I’ve been trying to push my ideas out into reality, and to accept new opportunities rather than making excuses why I can’t. I tried starting the day with exercise, getting up earlier, going to bed later, drinking my green drinks, different diets… the list could go on. But I wasn’t getting any more productive – just more stressed.

Until Monday this week. You see, I took the leap and got myself some coaching. My son’s amazing speech therapist Anna, is also a qualified women’s coach. I knew I needed it; she knew I needed it. And so we started.

Our first session was Monday evening, and she set me some homework which involves basically dumping my thoughts when I wake up. Due to time constraints in the morning, I decided to try getting up an hour earlier than normal, which I’ve always struggled with in the past.

Day 1 of the new regime was Tuesday and the early start was rough. But as I did my little morning brain dump, I found I woke quite quickly.

As the week has gone on, I’ve quickly found my flow with the new routine, and with it I also made a few plans for which I am accountable to Anna

1) I will make a daily To-Do list of no more than 5 things

2) I will do a small “evening brain dump” before I settle to sleep

3) I will focus on what I’ve done, not what I need to do.

While the to-do list thing has proven hard due to multiple commitments, I have however found I am managing well with my evening brain dump, and celebrating the things I have done. These past few days I have been making lists of the micro tasks I do every day…. yesterday there were 43 things on the list by 2pm.

I then went to a multi agency meeting, had a quiet tea out with my beloved, squeezed in some tub time, had a bath and hit the hay.

I am really happy today, because I’ve gotten on the scales and I am 0.8lbs away from a two stone loss, and 3lbs away from going down into the next stone bracket.

It’s Saturday and 8am as I write this. I didn’t get up at 6, I got up at 7:30. I drank my green drinks, took my meds, made my coffee, and I’m about to do my morning brain dump.

Just gotta keep going because all the things I’m doing right now are working!! Good things are coming.

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