Mum’s Day….Off?

Ha! Gotcha. Mums don’t get a day off remember!

Today is Sunday, the day of rest according to the Big Guy Upstairs (and I don’t mean the Peeping Tom hiding in my loft). I had even more reason to rest than usual when I woke this morning with a raging cold and pains in my right shoulder when I breathe. Jack is at his dad’s, and there is no reason why I couldn’t have a lie in. My fibromyalgia hasn’t been so fab this week so Lord knows I could have used the day off.

Except there is every reason why I had to get up. This morning, I woke at 6:30, and I did something I’m very passionate about – supporting friends and local businesses. I went to a few of my friends’ business pages and shared them, invited my friends to follow them, and reviewed them where appropriate. It took all of five minutes but if those five minutes lead to one referral or customer for those friends, I’m a happy human.

I then got up at about half past seven to sort the mountain of ironing. Another thing I’m very passionate about is self care, and I have engaged the help of a wonderful lady to do my ironing to take some of the burden away from me. I managed to sort a bag of things for the bin, a bag for the charity shops, a basket of swimwear and underwear, and a basket of my own nightwear that I could attend to myself. I also pulled out the towels to fold and store, and there were ONLY(?!) FOUR full baskets left for the lady to attend to.

After a quick neaten round the kitchen and living room, I washed my hair and showered, did a load of laundry, filled the dishwasher, and got round to Auntie Mary’s with the baskets for her cleaner to collect later today. By this time it was 11am and I had already done half my step goal without even leaving the house.

Unfortunately, once I got home, Fibromyalgia and Flu caught up with me and I needed a little nap. And it’s been a little grim from there. Luckily a lot of the rest of my to-do list can be done from the laptop.

One thing my laptop, sorry the laptop I borrow from Bryan and never gave back, cannot do yet is make tea. Bryan really wanted meatball pasta for tea, but I have had neither the energy nor the inclination to slave over the hob, now or later this evening. Then I remembered a little contraption I have in my cupboard which I’ll share with you in the next post, as I don’t want this one to be too bulky.

I have managed to prep tea, and the house is presentable, and ready for my boy coming home. I still have uniform to iron and his homework needs done, but really it isn’t urgent and I can do it sitting down.

My point of this post is – this was the one day of the week I could rest. Except I can’t. Because when you are a stay-home parent, and disabled, and a carer, and trying to change the world, there isn’t a lot of time for rest. You can sit around waiting for someone to wipe your ass, but you’ll be waiting a long time.

Thankfully, because I’ve kept on top of the essentials, I can relax a little more tomorrow. BUT I’M KNACKERED!!! So next time you hear your wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend saying how tired they are from “staying home all day”, consider what actually has had to be done that you might not even have noticed needed done in the first place.

I’m proud though. Because I kept going.

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