How I Got My Autistic Child to Do His Homework

For those who don’t know me, I used to be a hotheaded grump. I had a temper that could curl the toes of many, and customer services reps would cry after talking to me. I’m not proud. I had therapy. I worked at myself. And now I’m about as mellow as they come, and I pick my battles.

Homework is a battle I have chosen not to have on many an occasion. Why? Because the meltdowns my son has had because of spending all day at school just made it not worth the fight. A huge factor in this is my son’s rigid thinking – school is for learning, home is for…..homing. Chilling. Not doing EVEN more work.

This year, he has been told (along with the rest of the class) that there is a three strike rule for homework, of which part of this is the possibility to get a detention. While it is a “reasonable adjustment” under the equality act that we ask for no homework, or alternate tasks, I would really like to try and get him doing some, even a little bit.

Today when he came home, he asked me if I would make him a YouTube channel. He has been asking for a while and I’ve been digging my heels in for a while. But I saw an opportunity today.

The deal is this:

1) if he did his homework today, he could have a YouTube Channel

2) if he does all his homework each week, he can upload a video on a Sunday evening

3) if he misses homework, even for one day, he loses his upload privileges for that week

I know this is CLASSIC bribery and I am aware there are other things, but really the other things I offer are just not as motivating. This makes him WANT to do homework because he thinks he will make money from YouTube if he works hard at it.

I really hope he continues to stick at it. He did his spellings tonight and he’s done a wonderful job.

So proud of my dude.

All correct!

If you want to follow Jack on YouTube and see the things he uploads, here is the link to Gamer Jack. I hope you enjoy it.

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