Two More Sleeps!

Yesterday I got a text from my little sister. She was going away for the night, could I dog sit? YES I COULD!

I love my sister’s house (and dog) so much. It’s just such a relaxing place to be and it’s one of the few places on Earth I can get truly comfortable.

Jack stayed there with me overnight and so, given that the lovely Anna Knight from Sage Speech Therapy Services was coming, we had the appointment at Ashleigh’s house.

I had hoped that Jack might engage and participate in a few things but he was just not able to engage today. No amount of bribery or bollocking got results from him. Luckily Anna is amazing and so she has a heap of resources she can send for me to do with him, so that is an absolute relief. Plus we got to bounce a few ideas around and there are some excellent things on the horizon!

We have had a quiet afternoon, just relaxing in the house, but I know tomorrow is going to be hard. Because tomorrow….. I have to tell Jack that he returns to school on Wednesday.

I have a little plan to try and make the whole thing go gently.

1) Jack will go out in the morning with Bryan and do the things he loves.

2) We will do a few little exercises from our Empowerment Cards for Kids to bring him “back down to Earth” as he can get incredibly hyper from being out and about. Hopefully this will calm him enough to talk about School.

3) I will be labelling his uniform and possessions tomorrow, and I’ll talk to him about it and what he thinks about it.

4) We will have a look at his transition book, as well as some well-being stuff. We have an amazing book called No Worries, available from Amazon. It offers a range of activities to help a child work through their concerns and how things make them feel.

5) I will do a small visual timetable strip with his TomTags for him to have around him tomorrow so he can look at it and get himself ready for Wednesday.

I have found a way to get Jack to actually attend school – we go on holiday for a week soon, and in order to not get fined, he needs near-perfect attendance. I have told him a holiday is a treat and that if he doesn’t go to school, he can’t come on holiday. We wouldn’t normally do something during term time, however, he’s still young, we have booked it when it’s quieter and less hot (because autism), and we won’t be able to go away next summer because I will be recovering from surgery, so this is really our only chance.

I think I have (and have planned) enough groundwork to get the first day to go off a treat. And once he’s at school maybe I can actually diet a little bit. And get this beef off once and for all!!!

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