Preparing for the Return to School

Before the end of the school year, we had a LOT of problems.

It began one night when Jack came to my room and asked how much it would cost to buy his school. I told him it would be millions of pounds, and he brought me his wallet and asked if that was enough. So I said no, and asked him why.

“Because I want to buy the school and sell off the parts so I don’t have to go. Or I want to smash it up.”

When I explained that this wouldn’t be doable, he asked how big would he have to dig a hole, so that the school would fall into the hole? I told him I didn’t know. And so began a train of really obsessive thoughts. He really really did not want to go to school.

Having had a few days off and an emergency session with Anna from Sage Speech Therapy Services, I decided it would be prudent to just push through for the rest of the year (the last two weeks), and we came up with a couple of strategies.

1) Play a game every day where Jack can win.

2) Don’t talk about school at all during the holidays so he has a chance to reset.

3) Only mention school in the context of collecting uniform – but make it short and sweet and do as much without him as possible.

4) Arrange a session towards the end of the holidays to talk about school with Anna again

5) Arrange a meeting for early in the term so that we can ensure Jack is settling well.

Jack is at his dad’s until Sunday, which gives me a chance to sort out his uniform without him being here – and then he will be seeing Anna on Monday, returning to school on Wednesday. But I am truly dreading getting him up on Wednesday.

Despite all the prep, and the planning, I worry his feelings about school haven’t changed. It is incredibly stressful for my emotionally and mentally, and the financial implications of hiring a private professional are….well you get what you pay for and Anna is worth every damn penny.

I guess I’m just hopeful that it’ll all be OK and that I’m overthinking it. Such is life with anxiety!

He’s just an amazing kid and I hate to think that he’s hurting and hating school this much. Here’s hoping it’s not the hell on Earth I imagine.

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