Hello Darkness, My Old Friend…

I’ve used a happy picture for this post, but I couldn’t feel less like the person in that picture if I tried!

I thought things were going a little bit too well for me…

Since the chest infection appeared 11 days ago, I’ve been a bit rotten but on Sunday and Monday through Wednesday I actually began to feel less terrible. Yesterday, however, I was so tired, I was in bed asleep by 7pm. And then woke at 9.45 for absolutely hours.

Today, I know why. It would appear my dear old friend fibromyalgia has reared its ugly head. I have a bbq to build, a house to clean, a child to look after, laundry to do, hair to wash…and all I want to do is sleep, sleep and sleep some more, and I can’t.

I’m currently sat on the sofa, with cider, avoiding my son as he is being absolutely rotten because I made him leave the house. All I want to do is eat lots and lots of food. Stupid bloody lurgy and Fibro.

So for now I’m just going to rest a bit and hopefully I’ll have something a bit more productive to say come Sunday. Here’s hoping!

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