A Catastrophic First Week

This week was my first week on my new regime – using my It Works products, my Exante shakes, and following my new routine.

It started really well! I weighed and measured and put it all into the tracker. I used my products every day, minded my intake, and followed my little planners to make sure all the little jobs and business admin tasks happened.

Tuesday, I even got to spend a little time with a friend who needed a boost, which was lovely.

Wednesday was when it all fell apart. My LOVELY boyfriend had a chest infection last week. This week it landed on me. Wednesday, I called in sick to my little work gig which I’d never normally do. Thursday I cancelled eating out. Friday I made it to an appointment, and spent the rest of the day dying quietly. And on Saturday, I didn’t even make it out of bed.

Sunday was the day I turned it around though. You see, I just decided I wasn’t going to be poorly. That mindset got me through til about 1pm, I pushed through until 2pm, and then I just sat down and died a death. I wanted to have a whirl in my hot tub so badly, but the thought of just having to get changed into my swimwear exhausted me. So instead, I pampered myself a little.

I hopped in the bath, washed my hair, whitened my teeth, did a face mask (which I needed because I’ve been a spotty mess lately!) and then tanned up my body, before returning to my bed with my new Exante Mango and Passionfruit milkshake. But I hit my step goal and burned about 3000 calories so I have zero complaints.

Today I’ve repeated my measurements and I’m not disheartened considering how poorly I was during the week, but after a chat with Emma and Alada yesterday, I’ve recommitted to the good fight and Bryan and Auntie Mary are supporting me also. I want so badly to get this weight away and to start feeling better about myself. I still lost 2lb, but I’m stuck at around the 14 stone 7lb mark, and I don’t want to be.

In spite of being very poorly last week, I’m renewing my positive attitude, continuing with the progress I’ve made, and just pushing that little bit harder!

I CAN do this. I know it.

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