Day 1: Jumping In With Both Feet

Today was my first day of being “All In” with my It Works products. To start as I mean to go on, I also decided to begin using my new planner, and I did my weight and measurements yesterday evening.

So, this morning when I woke, I was absolutely raring to go. I prepped my planner yesterday so I knew what to do without having to really think about it and away I went.

My new morning routine consists of four key products:
1) Keto Coffee – coffee enhanced with medium chain triglycerides, calcium and grass-fed butter to complement a healthy diet and boost energy levels
2) Keto Energy – lemon and lime melt-in-the-mouth powder with caffeine, vitamin B6 and chromium for a further energy boost
3) Collagen Works – a tropical flavoured drink mix, which has many benefits including skin and joint health
4) Berry Greens – a blend of 50 herbs and nutrients, including 33 fruits and vegetables, giving you the best of them without having to eat them all

So, before I did anything else, I caned those and then began my day.

Based on my productivity today, either the products work, or I had a rocket up my ass! And I am fairly certain it isn’t the latter!

Before 9:30am today, I had done my morning weigh-in, taken my supplements, fed the fish, checked the tub chem levels, put a stew in the slow cooker (the Pinch of Nom Campfire Stew!), wiped the benches, gotten my make up on and gotten dressed, dressed Jack AND emptied and filled the dishwasher.

As the day went on, I also collected my nephew, did a load of laundry, made the beds, gave the bathroom a wipe down, baked cookies and cakes with the kids, decorated the cakes, swung by the children’s centre, had a chat with lovely Dorothy about all my amazing ideas, took the kids for lunch, cleaned up from cake making and loaded the dishwasher a second time, returned my nephew, refilled the hot tub, served up tea, planned my blogs for the rest of the month, made some new connections, had some tub time with my boy…and then I wrote all this!

Happy kids making cookies (with Easter cookie cutters because I didn’t know that’s all I had!)

Having my planner and The Organised Mum Method to consult with was definitely a HUGE help. But I think without the energy boost, I’d actually have run out of steam way earlier than I did.

So now, I’m in my bedroom about to print tomorrow’s planner and I feel amazing! Can’t wait to see how this pans out!

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