Tomorrow, I’m Going “All In”!

It’s been three months since I wrote “The Things I Won’t Miss”. Indeed, it has been three months since I spoke to my mother or her partner.


But so much has happened since last I wrote and I just wanted to share all these things with you – my audience.

Back in February or March, I did my volunteer training with the Northumberland South East Locality Children’s Centres. I am very proud to say that I have been volunteering there regularly for about 3 or 4 months now. I’ve taken to doing the birth registrations drop-in, and I also edit the volunteer newsletter which I love.

Ages ago, I submitted a proposal to the children’s centre manager for an Additional Needs Parenting Support Group, which would invite people whose children have any and every kind of additional need, as well as children who are in the process of being diagnosed. In short, the group was approved to run from September – but I have also run two groups this summer with a wonderful turnout! It’s been so worth it just to meet the people who need us.

Off the back of that, my lovely friend Caz invited me to be a guest on Koast Radio to discuss my group. This in itself has been a massive confidence boost and has inspired a number of small projects that I hope to work on in the coming months!

I’ve even tackled the housework. I’m following The Organised Mum Method – with a few added little bits of my own. Today I’ve done the final leg of the Messy House Bootcamp, with the exception of the living room which I’m doing tomorrow. So from tomorrow, I’ll be able to do TOMM and hopefully build home management into my new improved daily routine!

Something that hasn’t been going so well, is my diet. While I’ve lost 21lbs since February (8.5 of which I’ve lost in the last 4 weeks!), I have not been kind to myself. Food is often how I respond to stress, and I’ve been tired lately which has fed into my decision to eat takeaway food. So, I’ve been doing OK, but I can do much, much better.

I recently signed up as a distributor for It Works International. I know, MLM, I’m a sell-out…. whatever. I have been following Carrie on Instagram for over a year and honestly, I love reading her story. She has had amazing results from some of the products, and she always looks amazing and is full of energy and positivity. I want me some of that.

It Works does an “All In” package which consists of Keto Coffee, Collagen Works, Keto Energy, Greens, those crazy wrap things everyone raves about, and the defining gel for in between wrap treatments. And I cannot wait to add these products to my routine to get the best results imaginable!

I have 7 weeks until my holiday, and about 9 months until I have a second surgery, and I want to be in the best shape of my life by the New Year if possible, but I’m starting now.

I have so many things in my life I want to do. Weight loss, my plans and schemes, and keeping my home tidy. And I will do it, because I’m going ALL IN!

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