“Either Gain a Stone, or Lose Four”

Earlier this year, I went to see my doctor about a few different things, and I brought up the topic of weight loss surgery. The current NHS criteria asks for a BMI over 40, or a BMI over 35, but with a medical condition that would improve if the patient that lost weight.

The GP calculated my BMI to see if I fit these criteria – and it was 34.7. Based on that he said, “Well, you’d need to gain about a stone to qualify, but even then, I’m not sure your medical issues qualify as reason enough for the surgery.” I could have challenged him. Fibromyalgia probably doesn’t qualify me, but the pain caused by my hip dysplasia could arguably be reason enough. After all, for every pound of weight you lose, its up to 7lb less pressure on different joints throughout the body. But I wasn’t mentally strong enough to fight.

I spoke to my long suffering physiotherapist the following week, and he said I needed to lose between 4 and 5 stone to get back within a healthy range. His basic words were ‘eat less, move more’.

My problem has never particularly been that I eat a LOT all at once, I just eat the wrong things, and I’m prone to grazing throughout the day which probably isn’t the best habit to have. I also spent a lot of time sitting still avoiding pain for the last 9 months, and so increasing physical activity is going to take time.

So I bought a 12-week Countdown at my local Slimming World group, and bought a crosstrainer and a hula hoop.

In the 11 weeks since joining, I’ve lost 8.5lb. That is with 2 weddings, several ‘cheat meals’ and a few weeks where I just wasn’t well enough to look after myself properly. Generally I am satisfied that it is a way I can lose weight, but at the moment I am struggling with cravings. I’ve also not worked out as much as I could and I’m feeling a little bit sorry for myself if I’m honest.

I was pretty gutted this week when I had to weigh in a day early on the evening as I had gained 2lb. So I won’t be doing that again. But I have a plan to help kickstart me this week and get me going and going hard.

  1. Using my planner, to actually made a daily plan of weight loss related activity.
  2. Take Fat Metaboliser tablets and Cute Nutrition Cleansing Juice Additive to help boost my metabolism and flush out the crappy stuff. The juice additive tastes like raspberry mojito and it really peps up my juice and I always feel much less groggy when I’m using it, if nothing else!
  3. Drink more water and green tea. I’m really digging the Salted Caramel Green Tea by Twinings, which is a nice alternative to my Beanies coffees when it comes to satisfying my sweet tooth.
  4. Every morning, I am trying to do 10-15 minutes of exercise on either my cross trainer, my hula hoop, or split between both. I’ll gradually build this up, but I’m totally out of shape so ten minutes a day is a miracle at the moment.
  5. STICK TO THE PLAN! Do Slimming World to the letter, only use my syns when I need them and be more committed. My biggest issue is takeaways, snacking and eating out, so I need to just NOT DO THAT. Simple, right?

It could have been worse…. I’ve lost and kept off 8.5lbs, and I have also achieved my half stone award. To motivate me toward exercising, I’m also going to start working to earn my Body Magic awards. For Bronze, its 45 minutes a week (divided up) and maintained for four weeks. I’ll do it. It’s going to be part of my new routine!

Because my friends are awesome, they are all on my team and encouraging me, as are my family (especially Auntie Mary). Only 56lbs (4 stone) left to go!

One comment

  1. Great job on the weight loss you made so far! Even a little eventually becomes a lot. Like yourself, I am a constant grazer but I learned to put that in my favour. Make sure you always have snacks on hand! Almonds are a great one because of their high-fat content you stay fuller for longer.
    Don’t fully banish the stuff that tastes delicious otherwise you will want to binge on them (I know I do!) I found that my local supermarket sells loving earth chocolate. (basically healthy vegan chocolate) so in moderation, that’s perfect for sweet cravings!
    Also, Maca powder is like my secret superpower! If you add it to smoothies (or breakfast oats) it makes everything tastes like malteasers – especially if you use cacao powder too! so delicious for the 3pm slump!
    Good luck with the rest of your weight loss.


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