Taking Back What’s Rightfully Mine

I’ve had days where I’ve played The Sims 3 for hours on end, because I’ve felt so powerless over my own life that I just needed something to control, even if that something is a computerised character with zero free will. Having to ask someone to supervise you climbing up the stairs, or have them sit outside the bathroom while you poop in case you can’t get off the toilet afterwards will do that to you.

Thankfully things are a lot better now, and you’ll be pleased to know Bryan no longer has to listen to me dropping T-bombs in the toilet, because I can dismount effectively! That’s what led me to look for a way to get my life back.

I love having notebooks. I’m a subscriber to Papergang by Ohh Deer, and I’ve had several fancy diaries and Filofaxes over the years. I’ve never been fully satisfied though. I desperately lack motivation and I need to micromanage my life and be held accountable otherwise nothing actually gets done.

Imagine my JOY when I discovered the Laws of Attraction Planner! I don’t know what attracted me more – it having lots of sections for writing in, or the beautiful rose gold cover.

It’s so…..shiny!

My diary arrived on Friday and I began working through it right away. One thing I will say is, this takes time, it really does. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will my goals be. My biggest issue is, I feel a bit lost and I’m not quite sure what to aim for, because I’m limited as to what I can do these days. Sad, brutal, but true and I’m just having to suck it up.

I’m slowly picking through the planning sections, but I love the week-to-view pages which are broken down into 30 minute segments. They allow me, even at this early stage of goal setting, to begin to give myself some micro-goals just to claw back some normality! This diary truly is every control freak’s dream, and it even comes with some super cute stickers to snazz it up.


The book isn’t magic – but it sure is inspiring. It has inspired me to get up an hour earlier to try and exercise. “Try” is of course exactly what I mean. But I remain ever hopeful. I gained two pounds tonight at Slimming World so I really need to make changes. I found a photograph from about 3.5 years ago and OH BOY do I look so slim, and pretty and toned. I’ve been there before, and the only thing stopping me from getting back there is me. I am the instrument of my success… I’m also a rather large obstacle in it too. Time to stop being a roadblock!

I’m really looking forward to seeing how I can finally get my life back. It’s about time something good started happening for me and my boys!

Week-to-view pages just waiting to be filled in!

You can find the planner I have on Amazon. Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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