Our Autism-Friendly Easter

Because we are awesome co-parents (well, I am!) we like to share the responsibility of holidays. So we alternate Christmas and Easter. While his dad had him up until Friday, this Easter weekend was my turn!

In previous years, I haven’t been able to take Jack to anything Easter related. An organised egg hunt can get really busy with lots of screaming, laughing, hustle-bustle, crowding… and since it’s been two years since I last had Jack for Easter, he would have only been four. We were still using a pushchair to mobilise him until he was almost five, and so we just had our eggs at home.

Today, I wanted to make things special. I began preparing Jack for event; the trail the Easter bunny would leave for him, where and when it would be, and how we would gather up all his things! I got my props from The Works, and from Morrison’s when Auntie Mary and I do our weekly shopping.

The preparations began yesterday – Michael (Bryan’s nephew) and Jack came with my to my mam’s house to sprinkle jelly beans on the grass for the Easter Bunny, because did you know, the Easter Bunny waters them, and turns them into lollies!

A field of lollies

My mam got up early this morning (bless her) and prepared the trail for us, using the signage from both The Works and a Kinder chocolate egg hunt kit, and a selection of sweets, chocolate and gifts. We arrived after 10 to begin the hunt, by which time the sun had gotten out (rare for this part of the world) and the chocolate was beginning to melt!

By the end, his basket (carried by Grandad) was overflowing and we had a full Bag For Life of eggs, toys, fiddle toys, sweets and more. There were also a few treats hidden in the bushes! At one point I said “Ooh Jack aren’t you a lucky boy!” to which he replied, “I’m SUPER lucky!”

I’m just glad he had fun! We even have a video for you, taken by my mommy, before the trail was ravaged.

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