My Dirty Little Habit

As long as I can remember, coffee has been something I enjoy. Whether it was a half-cup made with sugar and cream at age 4, or a double-strength skinny caramel latte as an adult, I’ve always found comfort in the brown nectar.

I’ve had some wonderful cuppas. Like that one our friends Andy and Naomi brought back from his holidays which is literally eaten by cats and pooped out (actually the smoothest blend I’ve ever tasted!). I’ve also had some dreadful ones. I have a few brands of coffee that I find completely undrinkable. At present, our “standard” coffee is L’Or Intense instant coffee. Its smooth but strong, just the way I like it.

About 4 years ago, maybe longer, I discovered Beanies. Their instant coffee came in many flavours and honestly, I loved it. Over the years, you’ll have seldom found me without a jar of it in the house. I’ve tried absolutely every flavour – except the ones with cinnamon in. I really don’t like cinnamon. At present, I believe my stash is only missing a couple of flavours (cookie dough, coconut delight and caramel popcorn!)

However, since rejoining Slimming World in February, I have been drinking Beanies like it’s the only thing keeping me alive. You see, I needed sugar, and now I cannot have sugar unless I syn it, and frankly, I’m not using up all my syns sweetening my coffee. I’ve tried Canderel, Stevia and Silver Spoon sweeteners, and Silver Spoon is by far the better one, but my GOD does it make my L’Or taste like dental anaesthetic! Thankfully it doesn’t have the same effect on my beloved Beanies.

So, imagine my delight when Hazel (a fellow autism mom and friend) messages me to say Aldi will have the new flavours in on Sunday (today!). With my angry child in tow, I took my ass down to Aldi to seek out these mysterious new additions for my stash.

Available now from Aldi exclusively – they weren’t on the Beanies site when I checked earlier!

So far, I’ve only tried the White Chocolate and Raspberry, as it was the flavour I was concerned about. Raspberry in coffee? Surely not? Happily proven totally and utterly WRONG ZOMFG IT’S AMAZING GET IN MY FACE! Next stop is Sticky Toffee Pudding; I’ve just FaceTimed down to Bryan for him to make me one! Watch this space!

Absolutely loving the Beanies right now, both as a treat, and to help me with my food and beverage choices that contribute to my weight loss. I’d also like to add, when I used to work in homecare, a severely disabled client of mine loved it so much, they sent her four jars FREE. Who wouldn’t love them?

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