My Fibromyalgia Survival Kit

Today, almost on cue, my fibromyalgia decided it had been quiet for a few days and, in combination with my worsening hip dysplasia, it’s caused more than just a spot of bother. Like, home-from-school-straight-to-bed for me. Thankfully, Bryan and I live together so there’s someone to help on days like this. I don’t know how I got by without him to be honest.

Having dealt with chronic pain for over 13 years now (almost half my life!), I have developed a survival kit of sorts. So, being confined to my bed for the rest of the day, I’ve decided to share it with you. Maybe it’ll help someone, or maybe it’ll give the haters some insight.

My Metre-Long Hot Water Bottle
This was a Christmas present from Bryan and its wonderful for leg and spinal pain, as its long enough to run from buttock to ankle (on me, anyway, standing at a modest 5ft 7in). I personally have a lot of success from heat therapy, but I prefer ice therapy for post-operative pain.

My Laptop Desk
A Groupon bargain, this adjustable table puts my laptop at the right height for me to type, play games, whatever… without the weight of the laptop on my legs which can be a source of pain for me.

My Laptop Desk, and its PINK

My Warmies Unicorn
A birthday gift from the lovely Alada, this reheatable cuddly is brilliant for holding when my hands ache, cuddling when I’m freezing, or for applying to a specific area that’s giving me grief.

Isn’t she lovely?

My 12-hour-hot Flask
I’ve got a few of these, a purple one from Wilkinson’s, a rose gold one from B&M Bargains, and two unicorn flasks. Stairs can be difficult and so, with one of these holding two cups of coffee, it saves me trailing up and down the stairs to the kettle

Binge-able TV Subscriptions
We have Sky TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and aside from live TV, all of these are available pretty much anywhere in the house, via games consoles or Smart TVs (we need to use an iPad for Sky Go upstairs). But it means I am never bored.

Slipper Socks
My feet are permanently freezing, but you can’t wear shoes in bed! Slip on slippers aren’t ideal when my hip is bad, and so slipper socks stop me falling over while keeping my tootsies warm.

ALL the Pillows
Sitting up in bed is hard work for long periods, and so I use 5 pillows to achieve maximum support and comfort.

A Notebook
Currently, I’m using a series of Harry Potter notebooks. These are fab for writing stuff down if someone calls, noting ideas for things I want to write, or for just blurting out angry thoughts. Or for writing down when I took my meds, because I always forget, and the more meds I need to take, the more I forget!

Because Harry Potter is life!

My Medication
Currently not taking much as I am trying to have some medication-free time to establish what my baseline pain is like. But on the bad days, I keep my tramadol, morphine and metoclopramide nearby.

Big Pants
I’m super aware how ridiculous it sounds, but on days with high pain, I suffer from allodynia – a pain response to a non-painful stimulus. Where do I feel this? In my damn skin. Tight clothing makes it way worse, but big pants are like sitting on a cloud. I usually wear a dress size 16, and my BIG PANTS are a 20-22. Primark is my favourite BIG PANTS shop.

It’s nothing exciting. But it makes everything a little better. And in a world where I am fibromyalgia’s bitch, I’ll take what I can get!

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