“So, you just sit around all day?”

I always wondered what stay-at-home parents did all day when the kids are at school. Then I became one, and now I have all the answers. And depending on what day you choose, my answers are incredibly interesting, or unbearably dull.

Take today as an example. This morning, I decided adulting just wasn’t for me. Bryan was off work today, and so I coerced him into doing the morning school run so I could browse the internet in bed for ten more minutes. Mornings are never good for me. I usually wake up still exhausted and in some degree of pain, and this morning wasn’t an exception.

Once I got out of bed, I applied my make up (seldom seen without a full face) and the energy of doing that meant my hair was dragged into a messy bun. I then dressed in my lightest clothing. I get weighed at my local Slimming World group on a Tuesday morning, and I knew I needed to be as light as I could to cushion the blow of my inevitable gain from last weeks massive binge. On the plus side, my new friend was at group today and we had a good laugh before group started. She’s so in the zone, and I plan to hang around her more in the hopes that ‘in-zone-ism’ is contagious. One can hope.

1lb on, I took my lovely Auntie Mary home before fuelling the car and heading home myself. I made a simple lunch of Chicken Burgers (virtually free!) and a salad. Down the hatch it went, and I wrote up a few bits for future blog posts, as well as assembling a proposal for a future project I hope to be involved with. It’s been a while since I’ve written for anything other than the cathartic release, so I’m incredibly nervous to see how it is received.

Once 2pm came, I prepared a flask of coffee with sweeteners and skimmed milk which would last me throughout the rest of the afternoon as we attended Jack’s activities. If I have my own coffee, I’m less likely to buy one, and then be tempted by cake!

As you can see, today was pretty dull as far as they go.

Sometimes though, my days can be incredibly manic. I have regular physiotherapy, I like to keep up to date with my acrylic nails, I socialise a LOT, I shop with Auntie Mary once a week….. and some days I do housework, or cleaning, or batch cooking. And some days I stay in bed for most of the day.

What do all of these activities have in common? SELF CARE.

I don’t think enough stock is put into self-care. But I can tell you, if i neglected my weight loss, my physical appearance, my health, my home or my social life, it would very quickly have a detrimental effect on my health and wellbeing, and even that of my family. I’d love to go back to formal, paid employment one day, but right now, my son needs me. That, and I’m hanging on by a thread, if I’m honest. To quote my favourite TV Show, Grey’s Anatomy:

She lives her life at an 8, her pain on any given day, is an 8.

Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang, Grey’s Anatomy

It’s no secret that I grapple with my mental health. My recent health issues have taken their pound of flesh. I never know when my body is going to NOPE and shut down for a couple of days.

So yes, sometimes, I do sit around all day. But it is a part of my story, not everything there is to know about me.

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