A Sign from Above?

For weeks, I’ve been debating on my return to blogging. How do I write a killer first post? What day should I do it?

Today, apparently.

Made this little sign myself. Usually takes pride of place on the fireplace, covering the fire, because we literally never use it. Ever.

Today is the first day of April, also the first day of Autism Awareness Month. Google says its also the first day of Autism Awareness week, with Autism Awareness Day being tomorrow. For a few years, I have watched friends mark the day/week/month, but until May of last year, Jack wasn’t formally diagnosed with Autism (or ASD as they prefer to call it now, because the old name wasn’t abbreviated enough!). We knew he was autistic, but trying to get it on paper took 4 and a half years, because nobody would take my concerns seriously. I digress.

But this year, I can. So I am.

This month, I will be posting an uncensored, honest account of what our life is like, as impacted by autism. It doesn’t just affect Jack, but everything we do, everywhere we go… even the people we hang out with. And so, timing with this, I’ve brought my new blog to life, Ward On The Street.

But first, an introduction.

I’m Stephanie. Friends call me Steph, Dad calls me ‘How Bollocks’. You can guess which I prefer. I’m 28, divorced but cohabiting with my son and boyfriend. I am a mother first and foremost and stay home to fulfil my duty to my son. I have health troubles myself – Fibromyalgia, Hip Dysplasia, and Anxiety – which is actually diagnosed and treated. Its very important you know that. People who are anxious and claim to have anxiety make me angry, as do people who self-diagnose Fibromyalgia. Like, literally, who would even want either of those labels if they don’t have the condition? Neither are pleasant! I love writing, crafting, socialising and shopping. I have an awesome squad. Its true. They’ve even got code names.

Jack is my six year old child. He has a diagnosis of autism, and also has recognised difficulties which fall under the remit of Developmental Coordination Disorder, but its not diagnosed separately due to him having autism. Other localities diagnose both – but not ours. He loves Lego, his 3 goldfish, and watching FGTeeV on Youtube.

Bryan is my man-human. He is an avid cyclist and has very little hair after shaving it off years ago and it simply never growing back. He doesn’t like having his head touched. We have been back together a year, and have spent two years of our lives together, but we were both a mess the first time. This time, we aren’t, and it works quite well.

So anyway, keep your eyes peeled for my future posts. I don’t promise greatness – but at least maybe you’ll have the chance to laugh at our expense as we navigate the world, one day at a time.

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